Demonstrate developing skills in academic and information literacy that provide a foundation for evidence based nursing.

Demonstrate developing skills in academic and information literacy that provide a foundation for evidence based nursing.




Assignment Details:

TITLE: Understanding Law, Ethics, Professional Guidelines and their Relationship to Nursing Practice

Length: 2000 words (+/- 10%) including in text referencing but not your reference list


This essay will give you the opportunity to develop your understanding of how law, ethics and professional guidelines guide nursing practice. It will allow you to reflect on the values and characteristics of professionalism in the healthcare setting. Completing this essay will also further develop your academic and information literacy skills.


Select one of the three discussion board scenarios. Identify the main issues inherent in the scenario and make appropriate recommendations to address these issues.

It is expected that your essay will address/contain the following information:

1.Your immediate and subsequent actions as the witnessing nurse (these actions need to be supported by literature)
2. An overview of the relevant sections of the Australian National Competency Standards that apply and why
3. The possible legal/ethical implications
The NUR 120 Learning Outcomes addressed by this assignment include:

On completion of this unit a student should be able to:

1. Critically reflect on the values and characteristics of professionalism that contribute to health care through collaboration, cooperation and therapeutic communication;
2. Articulate the key principles underlying ethical, legal and professional guidelines and codes that underpin the practice of registered nurses in Australia.
3. Demonstrate developing skills in academic and information literacy that provide a foundation for evidence based nursing.
4. Articulate and define the NMBA Competency Standards, Codes of Ethics and Codes of Practice for the Registered Nurse.
5. Develop a critical and reflective approach to nursing practice.


-Write in the third person; avoid personal pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘you’.
-Avoid long, confusing sentences and check that your tenses (past, present and future) are consistent within the same sentence.
-Avoid posing questions; work the information into the paragraph.
-Use plain English. It is essential your meaning is clear and that you demonstrate your understanding of the nature of the topic.
-Write your essay to the marking rubric, as this is where lecturers mark from.

Writing Tips:

As you construct your essay you need to:

-Use correct punctuation, spelling and syntax (sentence structure)
-Paraphrase ideas from your reading/research, don’t just copy them
-Avoid use of direct quotations.
-Ensure you use APA 6th referencing style.

References :

Important note: You must need a minimum of four peer reviewed journal articles in addition to any other sources you may use.

-As good practice, whenever you include (cite) an author in your writing, ensure you include the full reference to the text referred to, at the end of your writing task.
-To find appropriate sources, use the CDU library online journal databases.
-Use APA referencing guidelines can be found on the CDU Library website.
-Download a copy and keep it to hand so that you can refer to it regularly as you learn the skills of referencing.
-The APA 6th referencing system should be used as per the referencing guidelines on the CDU Library Website
-Peer reviewed journal articles are your best sources. Avoid non-refereed sources such as editorials, monthly columns or non-refereed journals.
-It is useful to include your set text as a reference but otherwise keep the number of books to a minimum.
-Your reference list should contain a minimum of 4 quality references that are no older than 5-8 years. This does not include Wikipedia or dictionaries.
-Information gained from Internet sites varies greatly in depth and quality of content.
-Internet sites must be relevant and reputable, for example, the NMBA website.

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