Describe the development of popular culture in the nation.

Describe the development of popular culture in the nation.

For this assignment, you will use the skills you will develop throughout the course as they relate to nation building and development and write a case study of a Latin American country of their choosing. There are no assigned readings for this module. Each activity and mini assignment in this module serves as a foundation for the final case study paper. For the final paper, you will be graded on your ability to answer the instructor provided questions in a 5 7 page, typed, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font analysis based on your independent research. You may only select one country. The written analysis should not simply be a checklist, but a scholarly interrogation of the country and the sources you use for the assignment. You are REQUIRED to use at least four (4) scholarly articles and three (3) scholarly books. None of the sources may come from previously assigned class readings. The professor must approve sources prior to starting the paper. You should also incorporate at least two (2) online sources such as contemporary newspaper and magazine articles. However, avoid online encyclopedias dictionaries, and blogs. Your paper should include a brief description of your respective country inclusive of the following: Geographical location, historical background, demographic statistics, population, economic development and resources (natural), political situation, and health related statistics. A good model for finding this type of information needed for this part of the paper would be online sources such as the CIA World Factbook, U.S. Department of State, or United States embassy websites for the respective country. The questions you should address when writing your final paper are as follows: Describe the historical narrative regarding the nation-building process. What strategies did intellectuals, politicians, businessmen and/or other elites employ in their efforts to construct a modern nation? Did the masses fit within the construct of the nation as constructed by elites? What were the mechanisms employed by the government and the citizenry to incorporate all elements of the population into the nation? Popular culture has often served as a vehicle by which non-elites have transformed the national character of a nation. Describe the development of popular culture in the nation. How does the incorporation of cultural elements into the national identity discourse promote/prohibit homogeneity? Is the nations strategy consistent with models discussed in class? What role (if any) does the United States play in the nation-building process? U.S. influence could be political (military intervention, advisement, diplomacy), economic (corporate expansion, aid), or cultural (music, film, dress, the arts, etc.). Has the nation-building process been successful? What factors have contributed to that success? Or failure?

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