Describe the statistic used to answer each question.

Describe the statistic used to answer each question.

Chronic Conditions Order Description Introduction: Approximately 2 3 pages to introduce the reader to this chapter and to refresh the readers memory about (a) the problem being investigated, (b) the research questions posed to guide the researcher in fulfilling the purposes of the study, (c) the hypotheses to be tested. ( REFER TO INTRODUCTION PAPER THAT IS ATTACHED TO ORDER FOR COMPLETION OF THIS SECTION PLEASE THANK YOU) Problem and Purposes Overview: Keep this brief, concise, to the point: probably only 2 paragraphs. Research Questions: After an introductory sentence, simply restate the research questions from INTRODUCTION PAPER. Please make research questions answerable as written. Population and Sample: Precisely define the sample, include demographics in relative proportions. How many participants were included in the sample? How were participants selected? For archival studies, describe the source of the data who originally gathered the data? for what purpose? Describe the sampling method (e.g., random, time, series, etc). Check a statistical analysis text for a table to determine the required sample size for statistical analysis depending upon population size. Data Collection and Instrumentation: Length of this section will vary. How was data collected, some options include self-report (interview or survey), anthropometric measurements (e.g., height, weight), instrumentation (e.g., blood pressure), report (e.g., data sent from multiple sources to CDC, local health department, etc.) Include a separate section for each instrument adopted or developed for data collection, whether that might be published instruments, researcher-developed instruments, interview schedules, or test results. Be sure to include information for each instrument on (a) form of the instrument, with sample items and scaling/scoring information, (b) assurances, or at least estimates, or the validity and reliability of the instrument, and (c) reference to an appendix in which the reader will find the complete instrument and all correspondence and directions which will be sent to the respondent subjects in the sample. A considerable number of literature citations will probably appear for each instrument (2-3 is fine). Data Analysis: Specify the statistical analyses that will be used to answer the research questions and/or test the research hypotheses. Cite literature sources for your discussion of the statistical techniques (cite SPSS). -Data Source that will be used is from CDC (Behavioral Risk Factor Survey) Describe the statistic used to answer each question. For example; Age (years) mean, and standard deviation) this narrative precedes the table that contains the actual data. Summary: In one or two paragraphs, summarize the information presented under Population and Sample, Data Collection, and Data Analysis.

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