Explain – you can’t just take info from a source, copy it and not explain, not analyze it and not footnote it = you really can’t do this without a footnote – fix this

The issue of gender differences in nursing has been extensively discussed. A growing body of knowledge indicates that men’s participation in nursing has increased in the past decade, but they are still considered a minority in the U.S. and Canada.[1] Previous studies have utilized essentialist and non-essentialist this needs to be in quotes – you didn’t invent the phrase “essentialist and non-essntialist” did you? Footnote approaches to explore differences in gender representation in nursing career progress. This is not your sentence. Studies suggest that while men represent 10% of the total nursing workforce in the United States, they account for over 35% of the top managerial positions and higher nursing grades.[2] This paper seeks to explore some of the reasons that account for the trendy? Right word? increase in the number of men occupying higher career grades awkward and positions in the nursing sector. More footnoting needed and pump up your thesis – last entence so badly written not sure what thesis isDiscussion
Ratcliffe argues that the higher one looks, the more don’t use “I” or “you” statements one witnesses increased wrong form of the word in gender within the nursing sector.[3] Although many researchers agree on the growing number of men in the nursing field, especially their continued rise in a number of men occupying explain what this means, most of these studies use different approaches to explaini this trend. In his study, Nuttall highlighted why men awkward and again, are you using words from a source that should be in quotes? more than women. He noted that female nursing professionals have the propensity wrong word, awkward moves that makes them alternate between staff nurse posts and training positions.[4] You need to explain the status of these jobs to show why what men do is of higher status in nursing if that’s what you’re saying, and if it is, that should be in your thesis.
The tendency to seek awkward who are “them?” this whole sentence needs rewrite. On the other hand, men nurses make linear career moves explain what a linear move is toward higher career levels as opposed to the exhibited by female nursing professionals. Explain – you can’t just take info from a source, copy it and not explain, not analyze it and not footnote it = you really can’t do this without a footnote – fix this
Many researchers have cited career breaks by women nurses as one of the leading causes of a differential rate of career progression. You haven’t shown there is one yet Generally, females take breaks when bearing children before? , which affects their awkward . Awkward – rewrite this sentence Sounds like men take time to have children – rewrite
The average time taken by women nurses with no career breaks to reach nursing are you using non-US sources? I’ve never heard of a nursing officer – explain and show how this is relevant to US nursing officer grade was 14.5 years compared to 22.7 years for female nurse officers with career breaks due to children. This indicates that childbearing and frequency of births affects women nurses’ attainment of wrong word career positions.[5] these figures awkward why words missing? women nurses’ ability to move upwardly, many studies have confirmed that internal controls mechanisms Awkward – rewrite whole sentence – makes no sense
This isn’t a complete sentence Studies suggest that women nurses have tendencies to retain caretaker positions explain what those are and roles. On the other hand, men are career oriented. Stereotype? Although some scholars have suggested that both men and women are interested in maintaining their conventional nurse management career path explain what this means, considerable evidence indicates that men are – be consistent with tense more wrong word in seeking promotions than women. Where geographical mobility has been adopted as a factor for upward mobility, nursing professionals were expected to move from one hospital to the other to get promotions, This sentence makes no sense – contradicts itself In many health institutions, gender exclusion strategies have been used to determine the explain grading , especially based on gender grounds. Footnote? According to what is this? – explain discriminatory tendencies have been used to exclude women from the highest career grades which are what? . These strategies have tendencies to maximize opportunities and rewards for males as opposed to their female counterparts these are not your words? Needs a footnote and quotes. Some scholars observed that exclusionary criteria adopted in the labor market not only precludes female from accessing professions, but also excludes women nurses from attaining.

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