Make comparisons and challenge points of view.

Make comparisons and challenge points of view.

Grand Rounds Assignment
This week begins Grand Rounds presentations. In Week 1, the instructor assigned each student a week in which to present (Week 3, 5, 7, or 9). Those who are not
presenting this week are responsible for participating in at least two presentations. Once again, keep in mind the following guidelines while taking part in this assignment:
For those who are presenting this week:
Your presentation must include:
Three learning objectives that must be clearly written and presented
A complete SOAP on the approved template
An extended SOAP note
At least five test questions (such as multiple choice and/or matching) designed to asses mastery of the learning objectives
A minimum of five scholarly resources
Post your presentation to this Discussion Area by Saturday, April 29, 2017. Begin facilitating the discussion and continue to lead it throughout the week.
For those who are participants this week, begin participating on Saturday, April 29, 2017, and continue until the end of the week.
Additional Guidelines
For the presenters:
Your goal is to present your case as a teaching presentation and lead a discussion throughout the week.
Here are some tips for facilitating the discussion:
To prepare for your presentation, rehearse the key points and findings of your research and think about points you can make to initiate the discussion and keep it going.
Develop questions you can ask to initiate the discussion and keep it going.
As you approach the end of the discussion period, ask participants to:
Summarize the discussion.
Draw conclusions from the collective group discussion.
Keep the presentation interesting, professional, and focused on the topic. APA format is expected, and references should be cited.
For the participants:
Those not assigned to present this week should participate in all Grand Round Discussions. Here are some guidelines for participation:
Prepare for the discussion by reading the presenters’ submission.
Keep your participation at the level of critical thinking—analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating. Make connections between what you are learning in this course and what
you already know.
Make comparisons and challenge points of view. Interact with both presenters and other students.
Add to the experience using what you might have read about the topic or experienced personally.
Be prepared to substantiate your points of view.
At the end of the week, be prepared to summarize or draw conclusions from the presentation experience.
Submission Details:
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