Prepare/ outline of Schedule of Activities Make training design Outlining of Activities Two days Two days Facilitator and Coordinator Organization

Research shows that most of the chemistry teachers find it hard to impart the concepts in chemistry since the students just find it hard to comprehend the concepts. While the social studies and other subjects that relate to people and places can be made colorful and interesting to students, chemistry subjects is vague and far from imagination. Specifically, basic chemistry course requires an understanding of a great deal in chemical reaction formulae, and the student only seems to see the course as purely mathematical.

Even when the teacher uses three-dimensional materials to illustrate a principle, the students seem bored or have difficulty understanding. The target group is composed of chemistry instructors who are currently employed in public schools. Their age and subject orientations are almost the same. They have different teaching styles, experiences and previous training in the subject chemistry. The need is to find a teaching technique and strategies that will be use in order to stimulate interest among the students about learning chemistry.

One person who has the idea to address these needs by the person of Lev Semenovich Vygotsky, a brilliant Russian, were explored to help them develop a clearer understanding of the learning process. According to Vygotsky, students come to school with many ideas about the way the world works; right or wrong he calls it their existing worldview. They have developed this idea by just simply living, trying things out, acting and interacting with the things around. He called ideas develop in this way, “spontaneous concept”. In School, “formal and more sophisticated concept” are present to students.

The challenge for the teacher is to bridge the gap between the students “spontaneous concepts” and the formal ones that the teacher is trying to develop. The solution is the activities that will allow the students to share ideas, to ask questions and make decision together. In the process, the students use the skills of science in learning the concepts. The materials needed in the training are easily bought and available from the educational store. The training room requirement must be adequate enough space with working desk for the participants to do their work since this is an activity base instruction.

PLAN FOR PROGRAM OF INSTRUCTION Action Plan for Teaching Chemistry Training using Activity Base Approach OBJECTIVES ACTIVITIES TIME FRAME INVOLVE SOURCE OF FUND Planning Stage 1. Inform the CEO about the training Meeting and dialogue with the CEO One days Coordinator Organization 2. Issue a Memorandum about the training Preparation of the memo One days Coordinator Organization 3. Prepare action plan 4. Prepare/ outline of Schedule of Activities Make training design Outlining of Activities Two days Two days Facilitator and Coordinator Organization

Implementing Phase; 5. Training Proper Training proper Three days Facilitator and Coordinator Organization Obtain the Support of the Chief Executive The plan for the program of instruction begins by obtaining the visible support and endorsement of the Chief Executive Officer, not only to initiate the program but throughout, is the first important step. This will be valuable in creating commitment not only from facilitator but for the trainee also. Appoint Key Staff The training program needs a facilitator who is widely experienced in conducting a training program.

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