[Solved] communication 598 storytelling in interaction 1

In the Week 4 article by Hydén and Örulv, the authors demonstrate the importance of storytelling to self-identity. Although people with Alzheimers like Martha have many difficulties when telling a story–they frequently repeat themselves, and forget words, names, and story details–their stories nonetheless allow them to convey and perform important facets of their personality. Indeed, in line with the themes of sensemaking (Week 3) and narrative therapy (Week 5), we see that our stories are important to our emotional and psychological well being, as well as to how we socially construct our self-identities for others (Week 4).

For this assignment, think of a story that you have often told, and use it to explain ideas and themes from Week 4, while also drawing on the ideas and themes from Weeks 3 and 5. Think of how the researchers analyzed Martha’s story and use your story to demonstrate how we all use stories to make sense, to convey important qualities about ourselves to others, and even to transform our understandings of situations from negative to more positive and empowering experiences.

Your reflection should be 1200 to 1500 words. You will need a total of at least six references in the paper, with page numbers indicating where the author(s) idea(s) can be found. Include at least one reference for each of the Week 4 readings (Goffman and Hydén and Örulv). You will also need at least one reference from the Week 3 and Week 5 readings (you can choose which readings).

Do not use more than one direct quote (i.e., practice summarizing ideas in your own words). Use APA citation style for references and include a bibliography.

You need to tell me a story that happened to you (related to essay), your story should account for 25% of essay.

APA example:

According to Bruner (2010), stories, like language, are innate (p. 45)

Scholars have claimed that stories, like language, are innate (Bruner, 2010:45)

Use standard font, margins, and line spacing (double space). Proper syntax, spelling, and effective paper organization will count.

­­ Submitting the reflection

Upload the reflection to Canvas. Then, post a copy of your reflection on the discussion board—with your name and assignment name (Reflection 2)—so that other students can respond to it.


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