[Solved] Decision-making improves managerial function, evaluates performance, chooses the best alternative, helps in planning and implementing polices, and helps in succeeding in business

According to Mr. Toles, certification, volunteering and continued education has been an
important factor in his career development. Volunteering gave him an opportunity to
learn from the role models who were highly experienced in military. He also gained
professional certifications to decorate his military career. Continuing with education
helped in learning about important theories like social learning theory and goal-setting
4. An effective leader should have qualities like self-assessment, honest communication,
responsive to the needs of the team, understanding the goals and the purpose, team
building skills, goal setting and motivation skills (Collins, 2014). The opposed popular
view of what makes a successful leader is gaining high level education, having a
commanding voice, and should solve all problems. It is a good thing to be learned, but aleader should have addition skills like motivation, decision

making, and goal setting skills
that will boost the growth of an organization as well as personal growth like Mr. Toles.
5. The roles played by managerial goals include motivating the employees, satisfying the
customers, and enlarge the profit margins. These are the core managerial goals because
they touch on three important aspect of an organization which are the employees,
customers and profits.
• The role of objectives includes: makes planning easy, improves coordination
within and organization, promotes commitment and motivation, and improves
organizational change (Horstman, 2016). Setting objectives makes planning and
coordination easy because employees are aware of what they need to achieve and
how to do it.
• Decision-making improves managerial function, evaluates performance, chooses
the best alternative, helps in planning and implementing polices, and helps in
succeeding in business (Horstman, 2016).
• Communication promotes individual motivation to work, helps employees to raise
concern and leaders address them, and builds strong teams within the organization
(Miner, 2011). Communication influences the effectiveness of decision making
6. Mr. Toles handles change management by having a positive attitude even when things
look bad. He believes that controlling moods is a choice and one can choose to be happy
or not regardless of the current situation. Deciding to be positive and outgoing has helped
him deal with change management. The specific challenge he has encountered is that
there is a need to control emotions and remain positive throughout all occasions.7. The main advice Mr. Toles offers for both short and long-term goals

is to use the social
learning theory and goal setting theory. There is need to have a mentor to look up to and
to emulate in career and personal growth. Set goals that are challenging so as to improve
the personal capacity and learn new things. Also set goals that are specific, measurable,
achievable, realistic, and time limit (Horstman, 2016).References
Collins, J., 2014. Leadership qualities : qualities of a good leader. Leipzig: Amazon.
Horstman, M., 2016. The effective manager. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley.
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unconscious. Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe.




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