[Solved] Identify and correctly formulates the highest priority nursing diagnosis.

Identify and correctly formulates the highest priority nursing diagnosis.
BKA and L AKA, ESRD, and recurring UTIs.
Patient Profile:WW is a 54 y/o AA male. Pt. presented to the due to suspected C4 fx, dialysis catheter infection, and possible UTI. He has a PMH of poorly controlled DM2 s/p R BKA and L AKA, ESRD, and recurring UTIs. Used to smoke 2/3 ppd but quit years ago, and used to drink a pint of ETOH per day, but quit after a stroke (unknown date – data gap). Post stroke hx of heroin and cocaine abuse. Pt has a brother and sister who help him, but lives in a nursing home for the past few years. His mother recently died of a heart attack and father’s health is unknown. Brothers also have DM2. Currently on disability, used to work as a mason water operator.I. Subjective and Objective Data and Analysis of Data
Subjective Data Objective Data Analysis of Data
Vital Signs
Date Time Temp HR Resp BP Sa0203/28 1500 36.5 77 16 129/59 92%03/29 0400 37.0 88 18 156/71 100%03/29 1400 36.0 76 12 144/66 98%03/30 0540 36.0 78 18 145/67 98%WW’s oral temperature consistently falls within normal limits (36.1 – 37.8 ° C), despite increased WBC count and infection. Often times with severe infection patients will experience fever, though this is not the case for WW, though many older patients may have a decreased core body temperature as their baseline (Mattson Porth, 2004).
Other Assessments
Neuro & SensoryPatient is A & O x 3. Pt. verbal and follows commands with encouragement. PERRLA. No sz or agitation, apparent discomfort.
SkinDry, warm. Mucus membranes moist. Good skin mobility and turgor. Edema in left hand due to IV infiltration. Assessing the level of consciousness (LOC) continuously can give you insight into the acuity of an infection, because often the first sign of worsening infection is an alteration in LOC (Smeltzer, Bare, Hinkle, & Cheever, 2008). It is important to continually monitor WW’s LOC due to his risk of worsening infection.Furthermore, pain medication can alter LOC, so it is important to assess baseline before medication administration (Aschenbrenner & Venable, 2009). WW is currently taking 1-2 mg of Dilaudid every 3 hours PRN and 650 mg of Percocet every 6 hours PRN for pain, so it is important to assess LOC before and after medication administration.

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