[Solved] Liberty university educ 750 quiz 2

Liberty University EDUC 750 QUIZ 2
·         Question 1
3 out of 3 points
In a study of school attendance patterns for Girl Scout Troop 1234, gender would be considered a (n):
·         Question 2
3 out of 3 points
Which type of validity is used when no clear criterion exists for validation purposes?
·         Question 3
3 out of 3 points
The definition of a concept is closely related to:
·         Question 4
3 out of 3 points
Asking questions is the basis of surveys, and experimental and qualitative research.
·         Question 5
3 out of 3 points
The process of connecting concepts to observations is called:
·         Question 6
3 out of 3 points
Data derived from historical documents or policy reports would be considered an unobtrusive measure.
·         Question 7
3 out of 3 points
Few resources, less qualified teachers, and lower academic performance are characteristics of:
·         Question 8
0 out of 3 points
At the nominal level of measurement, a variable’s attributes are exhaustive when:
·         Question 9
3 out of 3 points
A researcher who reverses the order of the response choices in an index and then re-administers that index to subjects is likely trying to establish _____ reliability.
·         Question 10
3 out of 3 points
Triangulation refers to the:
·         Question 11
3 out of 3 points
According to the authors, available online data are often inaccurate.
·         Question 12
3 out of 3 points
Which of the following is NOT an unobtrusive measure, as outlined by Webb et al. (2000)?
·         Question 13
3 out of 3 points
In order to evaluate the quality of a sample, the population must be clearly stated.
·         Question 14
3 out of 3 points
How many steps are involved in systematic random sampling?
·         Question 15
3 out of 3 points
Understanding sampling distributions is the foundation for understanding how statisticians can estimate sampling error.
·         Question 16
3 out of 3 points
The larger the _____, the less _____ the findings.
·         Question 17
3 out of 3 points
Which type of research would be most likely to involve a nonprobability sampling method?
·         Question 18
3 out of 3 points
Individual members of a sample whose characteristics are being measured are called:
·         Question 19
3 out of 3 points
Any single random sample can be thought of as just one of an infinite number of random samples that, in theory, could have been selected from the population.
·         Question 20
3 out of 3 points
_____ sampling is another term for haphazard sampling.
·         Question 21
0 out of 3 points
The smaller the sample size, the less sampling error.
·         Question 22
3 out of 3 points
Snowball sampling would be most useful for studying which one of the following groups?
·         Question 23
3 out of 3 points
A study sampling students at Pine Ridge Elementary in Beachside, Iowa would represent the population of:
·         Question 24
3 out of 3 points
When may sampling be unnecessary?
·         Question 25
3 out of 3 points
Sample generalizability refers to:



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