[Solved] msti potential risk analyzing

Miniature Seeker Technology Integration (MSTI) Case Study

Read and analyze the MSTI case study. Discuss the case study as a team. Next, put together a

presentation (to include a video and PowerPoint file) that defines and analyzes potential risks in

the MSTI case study across each phase of the Kossiakoff life cycle:

Needs Analysis -> Concept Exploration -> Concept Definition -> Advanced Development ->

Engineering Design -> Integration and Evaluation -> Production -> Operations and Support.

First, include the top one or two risks in each phase and focus on providing an assessment of the

decisions made during each phase. Discuss what did happen versus what could have happened.

Your discussion should be more of an assessment and less of a rehash of the case study. Next, use

a risk management approach to describe and analyze the top three risks that existed on the program.

Include a comparison of likelihood, cost, schedule, and technical impact for each risk. To

accomplish this, include a table of the risks. In the table, define and provide values for each type

of impact, the overall impact, and the likelihood of the risk. Then, plot the risks on a 5×5 risk

matrix that shows likelihood and overall impact along each axis. Refer to the DoD guide provided

in the supplemental course material and the recorded lecture for additional guidance. Show where

each risk lies in the matrix both initially, and after any mitigation is applied. Discuss how you

would address the top three risks using the steps of the risk management cycle: identification,

assessment, mitigation, tracking and control.

As a summary slide, include a discussion and a graph of the variation of program risk and effort

throughout system development for this program (see slide 23 in Unit 7 and Figure 5.3 in the


Use the theory you have learned so far and your own subjective experience to develop the

presentation. Tie in concepts learned from the course (discussions, quizzes, lectures, slides,

textbook, SE Handbook, team meetings, etc.).

Make sure to add a title page with the team members, assignment title, date, and include your list

of references on the final slide. Each team member must present a portion of the presentation. In

the Notes section of each slide, please list who presented the slide. The team lead for this

assignment should post the final PowerPoint file and video to the Assignment area by the due date.


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