[Solved] please correct this letter and make it more professional

Dear Department of Independent Education (DIE)

The purpose of this letter is to reach out for help about the injustice that is going on at NRI Institute. Before I go into detail, we would to express according to our knowledge nursing entrance exams are standardized aptitude tests used to evaluate students for college admissions purposes whereas an exit exam is a test that assesses a student’s skills pertaining to reading, writing, critical thinking and math. The exam is typically given to students towards the end of their higher education tenure, and is used to measure the general level of education received at a learning institution, rather than assessing skills gained from specific courses. If we are incorrect please let us know.

Well, that isn’t the situation for our school, the director of nursing also the proprietor of the school known as Elizabeth Stolkoswki made a sudden change t in the last semester essentially to get more cash-flow and to hinder us from completing the program to achieve our dream. She integrated the exit test with this class NUR1088 Professional Issues/Role Development Class 2 which was initially a class itself. This is an infringement of the school application contract and the course program. She gave us two attempts to take the hesi tests she scheduled at her convenience for us to take without our consent whether we were prepared or not. We needed to oblige it since we were in the last semester. She expressed that any student who fail should pay $1,300 out-of-pocket to retake the entire class one more that has nothing to do with hesi exit test, this is not fair. At the point when we question her about the choice she said it is her school she can do whatever she please. Each semester a significant amount students in the last semester wound up leaving, the number of students graduated from the institution compare to the number who took the NCLEX the numbers don’t add up only a handful took the NCLEX. We would like that injustice to end.

Furthermore, the first exit she gave us was hesi next generation 12 people took the test only one student passed; we had many difficulties with the internet we spent a lot of time log in and out rather than focus our energy on the exam. She allowed us take it a second time we had the same problem with the internet, we were doing remediation and study for hesi next generation the second time she changed the version of the version and nobody passed. The third time around we took the exit she gave us a different hesi version which was version 5 she was all over the place to trick us so we don’t pass she succeeded because out of 12 students only one passed. The third time we attempted the hesi the internet was worse than before we had to log in and out countless time at the end some of us had more than 60 minutes left to complete the test she came in ask us to leave and went to her office and remotely shut down the test and kick everyone, her excuse was she had a meeting where is the justice in this school we are powerless, however I believe you can do something to bring us justice and fairness.

Ms. Elizabeth behavior is unprofessional and prejudice she shows favoritism, such as I know two students who took the hesi exit exam they did not pass but she let them be because she like them now they are preparing to take the NCLEX, that is very unfair to us. We pay our tuition just like them why favor one over the other. The way she design the classes is not any students interest but her own pocket, every class we take whether we have an A+ her rules are if we don’t score 76 in the final we fail the entire class this rule contradict the contract which stated the courses are cumulative. Every semester teachers are leaving because of unfair things she had asked them to do, another example coming from a teacher who left the school she would be upset if students are doing good and requested to fail some of us just so we could retake the course again which means more money for her. The school is teaching nothing but reading power point slide, we are pretty much teaching ourselves and she expect the highest score possible on the hesi.

We are very depressed, stressed out this whole ordeal has caused us emotional distress. We are reaching out to you to put an end to the injustice and anguish she has caused us. She does not care for doctor’s note or death in our family. we cannot win this battle please we need your help because we can’t take this anymore she is arrogant and talk to us condescendingly she also act as though she invincible. we would appreciate if you reverse her decision to integrated the exit in the class teach her the rules and regulation of Florida nursing exit exam. we have attached all the documents needed to prove what we are saying about the class is correct thank you in advance.


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