[Solved] PowerPoint (please use older person voce)

Conductan interview with a person over 65. You can choose a relative or any other older adult. Chose one of these three formats for your interview:

1.     Ask the older adult to share his or her personal story or an autobiography of his or her life.

2.     Ask the older adult to give an account of a significant event in his or her life and how it influenced the person he or she is today.

3.     Ask the older adult a series of interview questions to learn about his or her past, present, and future life. Example questions include the following:

4.     What is the biggest change you have seen in your life?

5.     What is the best part of your life?

6.     What is the worst part of your life?

7.     What is your biggest fear?

8.     What has been most meaningful in your life?

9.     What are you most proud of?

10.   What are you hopeful about?

11.   What are your concerns at this time for the future?

12.   What matters to you most right now?

As you prepare for your interview, recall what you learned earlier in class about “elderspeak.” Monitor your communication to ensure that you are speaking in a normal and respectful way as you conduct your interview. Use the following resource for tips:http://cnathrive.com/elder-speak-what-it-is-and-why-you-should-avoid-it/

Createa digital story in PowerPoint based on your interview. The Patient Voices we have seen in class are examples of digital stories. Follow these guidelines when creating your digital story:

13.   Your digital story should be comprised of narration accompanied by a selection of images.

14.   Your slides should contain little text; instead, focus on visuals to accompany your narration that will have an impact.

15.   Find images for your digital story online, use family photos, or take your own photos for this assignment.

16.   Transform what you learned in your interview into story form. Your story can focus on the older adult you interviewed, or you can tell the story from your perspective, including your impressions and what you learned.

17.   Your finished story should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Uploadthe PowerPoint presentation to the discussion board by browse my computer to attach the file to your discussion board .

Watchyour group members’ digital stories and vote for the one you think is the best by e-mailing your instructor. The digital story with the most votes in each group will be nominated for the Griffin Academy Awards. The class will watch the nominated digital stories and chose an overall winner in the next in-class session.

Reviewand comment on the presentation of others classmates. Provide constructive feedback, and vote on who you think should earn first place for your group.

Review the two links below for adding narration to a presentation.

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