[Solved] Powerpoint Presentation with Transcript Social Work

Submit, a 7-10 minute recorded (you will not be recording)  PowerPoint presentation and transcript (I will do the transcript so don’t worry) of presentation. In the PPT presentation, address the following prompts:I provided how I felt you can go ahead and add to it.· Describe the cultural event in which you participated.(The event I attended was an Agape all Black Church. ) Name: Agape Perfecting Praise & Worship CenterLocation – Orlando Florida· Explain how this experience influenced your perceptions of diversity and difference.( am hispanic and had never had such a positive experience)(The environment was welcoming and warm and I enjoyed the fellowship.)· Analyze at least 3 key concepts from this course in relation to this experience.1. The “who am i” concept. Basically how  the social construction of race, ethnicity, gender, and other multicultural characteristics contribute to your essence as a cultural being.2.  Understand how personal values, beliefs, and behavior may limit the ability to practice social work ethically with people of diverse backgrounds3.   Awareness and their ability to engage in critical thinking on the issues of oppression and diversity.· Define what it means to you to engage with diversity and difference in practice.· Describe two challenges associated with discussing and reflecting on diversity related content.· Describe one strategy to address these challenges.· Identify one positive emotion and one negative emotion that surfaced during the past 10 weeks of the course.1. Positive emotion is discovering who I am.2. Negative emotion I discovered I can be a judgmental individual and although I have a general understanding of being “bias” I must not allow my personal beliefs influence the client or my work. An example is abortion. I have strong views and against it, however it may be what my client wants and I must help my client do what is best for her and not allow my personal beliefs be the reasons I do not help her.· Describe one strategy to address the negative emotion in order to continue developing cultural awareness.· Explain specific steps that you will take to advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice based on what you have learned in this course.I JUST NEED THE POINTS ON POWER POINT.


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