[Solved] What is your professional opinion on the issue of affirmative action being a mandatory standard practice, and why?

For this assignment, you will build on your understanding of the issue that you selected in Week 1 by interviewing a Human Resources manager regarding their experience and perspectives on the issue. You are free to choose a Human Resource manager from any industry you wish, but they must be employed with an American company of at least 500 employees (this ensures an appropriate context and level of exposure). Also, the HR Manager you choose may work in any HR capacity, but you would probably be wise to choose either an administrator (e.g. someone in charge of the Human Resources department overall) or someone in an area relevant to your issue (e.g. if your issue relates to hiring policies, you might consider a recruiting manager of sorts).


Interviewee: Deputy Chief of Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Pacific

over 3,400 employees

Topic: Should affirmative action be mandatory standard practice in hiring to avoid discrimination, inadvertent or otherwise?


  1. What is your experience with the issue of affirmative action, if any?

A: I haven’t had any experience with the issue of affirmative action.

  1. What is your professional opinion on the issue of affirmative action

    being a mandatory standard practice, and why?

A: Affirmative Action is a constant reminder that racial and gender inequality

still exists in today’s society.  I feel that candidates should be placed in

positions based solely on their experience and/or education and not based on

meeting a company’s quota. How does the company for which you work handle affirmative action, and/or

issues tangential to it if relevant?


A: No answer at this time

4. Do you expect any changes in law or public policy that may change the way

affirmative action is currently being handled in the near-term? Why or why


A: I expect that affirmative action will be vetoed in the future and all

citizens will be treated fairly and equitably when seeking employment.How important is affirmative action being standard practice in hiring

relative to other challenges that your company faces in the HR world?

A: With the many HR challenges my company faces, we focus less on an

individual’s race or gender and more on whether or not an individual

possesses the competencies and skills that are conducive to the agencies


Once you’ve completed the interview, write a paper and report on your findings. In addition to reporting on the responses of the interviewee, you should also comment on your own reactions. In other words, were the answers you received those which you expected? If not, how so? Were there any questions left unanswered, or any positions of the interviewee with which you disagree?



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