Which of the following sentences restates the main claim of the passage?

Which of the following sentences restates the main claim of the passage?

Time Management Everyday life can be filled with long list of things that need to be done. Without the necessity skills to meet these demands, it is easy to lose track of deadlines, forget appointments, or misplace important information. By consistently implementing the skills of effective time management and organization, even the most hectic of schedules can become more manageable. The most important aspect of practicing effective time management is learning to create a schedule that provide the time you need to complete necessary task. An effective way to do this is to determine whether you will have time to add new task to your schedule. Digital calendars, task management applications, and paper agendas are all widely available tools to manage time and keep track of obligations. By making a habit of recording tasks and events as soon as you receive them, you will maintain a constant record of what time you available. By effectively managing your time through diligent scheduling, you will always know what needs to be done and when you have time to do it. Maintaining an organized environment is an important part of finishing task quickly and effectively. One way to do this is by creating designated locations for different types of information. Whether the information is in the form of physical file folders, books, or digital materials, organization will reduce the time you spend searching for the resources and information you need. Only with consistent practice do the skills of time management and organization become effective tool for managing your everyday schedule. When practiced on a regular basis, these skills provide you with more control as well as a more orderly approach to whatever kind of schedule you might have. Questions 1-6 Passage “Time Management”

1. The passage is an example of which of the following types of writing? a. Technology b. Entertaining c. Narrative d. Persuasive

2. Which of the following sentences restates the main claim of the passage? a. Technology is the best way to manage a busy schedule b. Organization and time management work together to improve scheduling c. Organizing information can make simple tasks more successful d. A stressful schedule can lead to mistakes

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