Write a brief summary of the research report, findings and Point at Issue, about 100 words

Write a brief summary of the research report, findings and Point at Issue, about 100 words

Bad oral hygiene can affect the entire body health. Write a brief summary of the research report, findings and Point at Issue, about 100 words. This should be written last. Introduction 1. Background information i. General introduction to the topic. Discuss the importance of the issue. Why is there a need to investigate this issue? ii. Explanation of the significance of the topic to the student How does it personally speak to them? 2. Discussion of research gap identified in initial reading to justify the selection of the topic. 3. Defining the Point at Issue. i. Language should be precise ii. The Point at Issue should identify an unresolved issue or problem in the area of research. iii. There should be at least two possible research outcomes identified. 4. Explaining the methodology (Examining all the research questions) i. The student should explain that the Point of Issue will be researched using a combination of the analysis of secondary sources (articles and readings) and through consultation with an expert (primary sources). ii. Different areas of analysis of the secondary sources should be identified which have clear links to the Point at Issue. The student should address the key questions that they identified in the AAC Plan and how the readings relate to them. iii. The focus of questions to the expert (s) should be identified and related to the Point at Issue. 5. Outline for the assessment i. This section should provide a brief description of the different parts of the assignment and how they are connected to fulfill the stipulated goals. Supplement of Experts Opinion 1. Introduction i. Expert (s) background discussed ii. Summary of questions asked and links to the Point at Issue demonstrated. (A full list of questions can be provided in appendix.) iii. Ethical concerns and how you addressed them 2. Summary of Expert (s) responses to questions. 3. Analysis/evaluation of expert (s) views drawing on the issues raised in the annotations. Conclusion 1. Restatement of the Point at Issue 2. Summary of the different positions presented in the annotations. Include an account of the issues they have in common and where they are different. 3. Summary of the experts opinions and how that shaped your research 4. Statement of the students position in relation to the Point at Issue based on annotations, other sources and expert responses 5. Explanation of how the student formed this position. i. Explanation must draw on evidence presented in the annotations and experts responses to questions. 6. Final Comments i. Implications ii. Future directions for research

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